The color is a pure reflection of light. The colors are full and vibrant. Geometric cut and soft volumes. The Nyce woman loves to conquer with her ethereal charm.

A self-confident femininity, but luxurious. The shapes become structured to give enthusiasm to the appearance.

The light breaks down into three-dimensional color shades. Multi-effect colors, pink, turquoise, purple shades, lilac and orange locks: for wonderful effects on lengths. Sinuous shapes for a feminine woman, consciously beautiful.


“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”


Pablo Picasso

Light in motion that magnifies into warm colors, with the same movement turning into soft and sensual curves. The NYCE woman, with a strong character, loves to stand out with her own personality.

A sensual, dynamic, mysterious woman. A woman travelling, searching for contact with nature and with herself.

Beauty becomes magic and pure sensation to interpret with the right irony, and in the ultimate expression of freedom and boldness.

The woman appears surrounded by an aura of romanticism. A refined style, modern, avant-garde, never forgetting to express femininity.