It is the promise of concrete results, a deep beauty of the hair which is expressed through the brightness and softness.

It is built into every Nyce treatment.


To be inside fashion, and not just follow it. Nyce is a research centre, the experimental heart for trends, reference for creative style.


Increase, grow, shape, change direction. The journey is the destination and departure, it is an incessant search impulse.

“Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.”

Paul Klee

“New Yorkers walk faster, talk faster, think faster.  You don’t need to be born as a New Yorker, but after six months you will walk, talk and think faster. From that moment you too can consider yourself to be a New Yorker.”

Edward Irving Koch


Throw old ideas away, free yourself from prejudices, increases the speed of your thought and let it run fast. This is creation. This is The Nyce Thinking.


Guides, illuminates and inspires us. The design is exclusive, relentless pursuit of the perfect form and elegance. Through design Nyce gives shape to their world, making it a centre of inspiration for professionals and lovers of beauty.


The shapes, transparency, symmetry. Packaging is intended as a vehicle for the formation of an idea. As a brand’s first approach to the world


Picture a dream and mould it into reality: this is true luxury for Nyce. Within everyone’s reach.


We value time, the gestures, the tone of voice. A Nyce ceremonial is the perfect balance between pleasure and effectiveness: an experience to live in the salon.


Before the others. Leaders. Cutting-edge is giving shape to the future now. Is to be ahead of the times, impress, invent. To run tirelessly towards improvement of everything that surrounds us..


All that is style, trend, sophistication. Metropolitan is the aversion to kitsch, to the predictable, standardised banality.


Interpret, express oneself, communicate. For Nyce art is excitement that is created when something different is encountered.