Daniel Manzini: the new nyce global ambassador educator

“only experimenting new ideas, will you move forward because creativity never stops … but is always evolving” (Daniel Manzini).

he is the new nyce spokesperson, a great professional with international experience thanks to his curiosity and initiative he has become an innovative and advanced individual in the world.

his career began in London at the Vidal Sassol School and it is there that he learned that cutting hair is a form of architecture.

subsequently, to find more stimuli, he decided to embark on a new path and began attending the Japanese Academy Childrens of Vision. through his reading of design and manga books he attempted to reproduce the clean and essential style of Philippe Starck, a famous French designer.

once he returned to Italy, he began his career path as the owner of 2 salons in the city of Verona and after working several years felt he had achieved his objectives and that his project had come to an end.

the time had come for him to change!

so he decided to explore the world in search of new inspiration.

a long lasting path: in the last 10 years Daniel has in fact lived and worked in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain and India alongside leading professionals to share and experiment with different techniques and visions of work.

Daniel Manzini is a leading figure in the fashion world, he is involved in numerous photo shoots for editorials around the world and participates in the backstages of the most important fashion shows and this is the reason why 3 modelling agencies in America, Europe and Asia represent him.

Today, after working as a trainer and creative director for various hair product houses, Daniel has chosen to be the spokesman for nyce as global ambassador educator.