Metropolitan Beauty


Nyce has made a very clear choice: to enter into the world of fashion. The real one. To do this we hired Daniel Manzini, which works in the backstage of the most famous fashion shows in Europe. Now Nyce has now been included in the backstage of the Milan Fashion Week shows. It was not easy to be known and accepted by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, but after numerous product tests, checks on the company and above all on the brand name, we did it!

The collection that lies ahead is very consistent in the Fashion world, where the communications channels are very specific and targeted to this industry. Where the models have different beauty standards from those to which our world is used to. Features, looks, lights, postures and poses… all INTO THE FASHION. And that’s what Nyce has followed and launched.

The METROPOLITAN BEAUTY collection is inspired by the fashion world, and respects the standards and styles. We had the courage to dare, to go beyond and break down the common, trivial, “already seen” barriers. Of course, in line with the placement of Nyce brand name, interpreted by Philip’s Fortis eye (Vogue’s photographer), which made high fashion runway models style icons for next Autumn/Winter season 2017. All this at the top!

On Sunday the 19th and Monday the 20th of February in the splendid setting of the Nyce Academy of Padenghe sul Garda the collection will be showcased with an international event on the shores of the lake and a Colour Dinner which will see Nyce and its colours as the real protagonists of the high fashion season.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Metropolitan Beauty