Hidden (id)Entities

A warm coppery bob, with different shades, expressing sensuality and appeal… beyond appearances.

“Color is power which directly influences the soul.”

Vasilij Vasil'evič Kandinskij

A sporty and casual look which is transformed to embody the chic trend.

Pearled and a mélange of colors to brighten hair. The Nyce woman interprets romance through the use of shades and light.

Nuances stolen from the clouds in the sky, soft and evanescent styling alongside more decisive geometries.

The Nyce woman is free to reveal her “hidden” strength. Depending on the styling chosen, the lock may reveal an elegant copper shade or a decisive purple tone: because just like features even colors follow changes of emotions.

A sophisticated bob, simple and timeless: like black. Color par excellence timeless elegance.

The Nyce woman “re-veals” her character and courage with bold choices, preferring aerodynamic volumes – an expression of her desire for freedom.




identity revealed


The textured fringe decisively frames the face: it is a statement of firmness and vitality. The Nyce women dares with colors and shapes.

“ You never notice the way an elegant man dresses.”

W. Somerset Maugham